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     Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I recently posted a video including some tips on contouring, and a demo on how I contour my face. If you haven't watched it yet, you should go do that!

One: Your Face Is A Special Snowflake

     You can't watch someone's video and suddenly expect to contour your face perfectly using their exact steps. Like I stated in my video, everyone has a different face. I have a much more square-shape face, while you can have a more of a rounded face, or a subtle heart-shaped face. How you contour just depends on your face. Do not be afraid of experimenting with different patters and different contrast with the products.

     Generally, your face can be classified into five shape categories shown above. You can easily find tutorials on how to contour your specific face shape on Youtube or beauty blogs. The top image was taken from a Smashbox Cosmetics tutorial on how to classify your face shape.

     You must have patience. Just like with any other makeup trick, you must keep calm, and keep trying; don't give up after a few failed trials.

     Something else that I learned is to feel your face. Press your fingers into the crevices of your bone structure to grow a better knowledge of where to put the dark colors and where to put the highlight.

Two: Disregard ' One For All'

     Next thing to take in confederation when you start to contour, is what you use. The most popular products to use to contour are cream and powder palettes, which you can find in an array of brands and prices. I like using foundations, just because I can skip the step of applying a full layer of foundation first.

Cream contour palette
     It's really all up to your preference. Like I stated before (and like I will continue to state) you must experiment and be willing to make mistakes. You might find that you like using powders more than you like creams, or you like a little more liquid-y, or something a bit stiffer. You just need to experiment. 
     Also, take the type of skin you fave into consideration. If you have drier skin, maybe you should opt for something that gives you a dewier finish, and if you have oily skin, opt for a powder that will matte-ify your skin.

Three: Brushes


     The brushes you use will make a big difference on how your contour will turn out, and they also will vary on what product you use.


     If you are going to use a cream or liquid contour product, gravitate towards synthetic haired brushes. Synthetic hair if fake hair, so it won't absorb any of your product, and therefore you will get a better pay off of product. If you want to use powders, feel free to use natural hair brushes.

Three: Placement

     The most important part; where you place the product. One slip of your product can make you go from Kim Kardashian to last year's halloween decorations. It takes lots of practice to perfect how to control your hand when applying all the shades. You can look up face charts on the internet if you need help deciding where to place your highlight, bronzer, blush or contour.

     I hope this was all helpful to you. Keep reading if you'd like a step-by-step on how I contour.


     Before I began to place any makeup on my face, I had already moisturized and primed my skin. These two steps are very important if you want to use makeup.

One: Hightlight

     First, with my pointed foundation brush from Real Techniques, I applied some of my lightest shade of foundation to the areas of my face where i felt caught the most light (under my eyes in triangle shapes, my forehead and the bridge of my nose).

Two: 'Bronzer'

     Next, with my foundation brush, I applied my middle shade (which was my actual shade) to the areas right next to or below my highlight, along with the area between the contour in the hollows of my cheeks, and my jawline.

Three: Contour

     Now, with my pointed foundation brush again, I applied my darkest and final shade to the hollows of my cheeks, on either side of my nose highlight, under my jaw, my temples, and around my forehead.

Four: Blend

     I took a damp blending sponge and blended all of my contour out, starting with my lighter shades and blending along with how I applied the makeup.

Five: Set

     After I finished blending everything out, I set all the different shades with their respective powders. 

     For the highlight, I performed the 'Baking Method' and applied a thick layer of my transparent powder and let it set while I did my mascara (about ten minutes). After, I brushed it away with a fluffy brush from BH Cosmetics. Then, with a small fan brush from BH Cosmetics, I applied my favorite highlighter of all time to the tops of my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, my cupid's bow, and a bit on my chin. Avoid applying highlighter on your forehead, it'll just make you look oily

     For my contour, I applied the cool brown shade from BH Cosmetics Sculpt & Glow contouring palette with my contour brush to the hollows of my cheeks and gently blended out, and along my temples, the edges of my forehead and under my jaw. 

     Over the apples of my cheeks and between my highlight and contour, I applied the warmer shade of the same palette using a smaller fluffy brush from BH Cosmetics

     All over, I applied my setting powder all over my face with a fluffy brush from BH Cosmetics.

     And that's it! That's how I contour my face.